About Us

Our history


HNCL was established in 1999 with the main goal of providing Information Technology Solutions at a competitive, affordable price. In doing this we also strive to maintain a close customer and service based relationship with both home user and corporate clientele.
In our early days of establishment our main focus was the aspect of corporate clients and corporate networking which proved to be the main foundation of the company, as we undertook the task of the design, implementation and maintenance of a full scale network and systems for an industrial company in Trinidad but based in Houston, US. This also included the provision and implementation of many servers and over one hundred workstations for the establishment.

Since then, we expanded our customer base to largely include the sale and service of home user systems as well as specialized corporate clientele. Some of these clients required high-end performance workstations. This provided us with experience in dealing with cutting edge industry standard hardware, based on the provision and installation of these. 

Our team


Since 1999, our organization realized there is a demand for a service oriented company in our country and as such have partnered with many highly skilled and talented service technicians. As such we can say that we have one of the very few companies who have the overall wealth of knowledge within the technical field. In general, our technical team comprises of Service Managers each with over fifteen (15) years of technical service experience and technicians with no less than three (3) years technical experience.

Most of our technical staff are trained in house, keeping with our technical standards as to what we expect of them and in turn what our customers and clients depend and look forward to from us. In addition to our in house Technical Service Staff we also employ by contract, based on service needs; as such, we have over ten (10) qualified technicians who are always ready and willing to work with us. We have also included a range of customer services as requested by our corporate clientele and government agencies. 

Our mission


Some of these include; desktop publishing, digital printing of documents, labels, envelopes and Data CD/DVD duplication processes. With the growth of technology in surveillance, we at HNCL have used this technology along with consumer electronics for the implementation of network surveillance to many corporate clients as well as home users.

Over the past years HNCL has gained experience in many specialized fields as we strive to deliver quality service with the use of superior components and products to our expanded customer base.

"Our mission is to strategically deliver technologically advanced, quality products and services and to become one of the region's most successful IT Service Company.”

We look forward to utilizing technology to make your business and personal needs more efficient.